Medicare Supplements


Medicare is a Federal Program that goes into effect the first day of the
month in which you turn 65 years of age. If you are still working at age 65 and have company medical benefits, Medicare becomes your secondary coverage to pick up the slack. If you are retired and have Major Medical Insurance, your Major Medical Insurance will cease at age 65 and Medicare will become your primary coverage. Medicare has deductibles and high co-payments referred to as Medi-Gaps. This is what Medicare Supplement cover. Medicare and private pay Medicare Supplements allow you to chose the doctor or specialist you want. The hospital of your choice and immediate Emergency Room treatment without needing a referral from a provider group like you do with the HMO’s.

The Truth Is:
The first words you hear at an Emergency Room from the Triage Nurse are “where does it hurt?… The second words you hear will
be from the admit person… “how are you going to pay for this.”

Your home and the family nest egg you worked so hard for all your life should be left to your children instead of using them to pay for the costly medical treatment of cancer and major surgerys.

Medicare Supplements are affordable and can save your life. Contact me for more details.