Major Medical


Major Medical Health Insurance is for people under the age of 65 either
working for someone or in business for themselves as a self-employed
individual or a small group of 2-50 people.

There is a medical underwriting process that must be passed generally with copies
of your most current medical records from your primary doctor and not by having to undergo physicals. Small Group Plans DO NOT go through an underwritting process.

There are waiting periods on pre-existing conditions if you have not had insurance
in the last 63 days. New covered medical conditions that happen after the plan is approved are covered immediately.

These plans are coinsurance plans where you pay a percentage on doctor
visits, medical procedures, hospitalizations and surgeries until you reach
your stop-loss amount. Then the plans pay 100% of the covered charges.
The maximum coverage per person is $5,000,000, in a lifetime.

For online premuim quotes, online applying, finding participating Physicians, and
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